kodak easy load 35

The Kodak EasyLoad 35 KE60 is a point-and-shoot-camera. It was presented by Kodak in the late 1990s and was built in China. The camera is aimed primarily at occasional users for vacations and family celebrations.

The camera comes with a fixed lens with a fixed focal length. The focal length is unchangeable and is 29 mm. The largest aperture available is f/5.6, and with the Kodak EasyLoad 35 KE60, there is no need to focus by hand because there is a built-in autofocus system. The closest focusing distance with this lens is 50 cm. For sharp pictures, you should therefore keep at least 50 cm distance to the subject.

Taking pictures is made easier by the built-in light meter. This is designed for an ISO range from 100 to 800. The film speed is determined by the DX code. The exposure settings are automatically adjusted by the 35mm camera. The shutter speed can be set between 1/400 second and 1/60 second.

In low light conditions the built-in flash can be used. According to the manual, the power of the flash reaches up to 3.7 meters at ISO 100, and takes about six seconds to charge. Besides the auto flash mode, there is also a fill-flash mode, a red-eye prevention mode, a night mode with flash and the flash can also be turned off completely. Two other modes are the portrait mode or the landscape mode.

The Kodak EasyLoad 35 KE60 can be mounted on a tripod. A self-timer is also included. After pressing the shutter button, you have ten seconds to get into position. Other times cannot be set on this model.

According to the manual the camera weighs 173 grams and measures 12.4 x 6.2 x 3.8 cm. Most other models of the KE series use AA batteries. However, a CR 123A battery (eBay / Amazon) is required to power the KE 60. This battery is still quite easy to find today, but usually best online.


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