Nishika 3-D N8000 ( 3-D Film Camera )

Take impressive 3-d film photos with this Nishika 3-d camera to capture some funky fresh film photos. This camera has been tested and in working condition. 

The N8000 features four fixed 30mm lenses with three aperture settings that can be selected via a switch on the side of the lenses: f/19 (sun), f/11 (sun with cloud), and f/8 (indoors or cloud). All four lenses are fired at the same at a fixed shutter speed of 1/60 seconds and each one exposes half a frame of 35mm film for a total of two frames per shot. Controls include the shutter button mounted atop the grip with a remote release socket just behind it and a the film advance lever behind that. From the advance lever to the other side is the frame counter, hot shoe, battery test switch (which illuminates the red LED on the front), and the film rewind knob.