Polaroid One Step Express

Not ONLY do you get a bangin' vintage submarine-lookin' camera, you also get a sweet lil' Polaroid carrying bag with it! A double whammy.

Designed for the advanced instant camera user or vintage camera connoisseur, the green 600 Express is a 600-type instant film camera that has been refurbished by Polaroid Originals. It has a single-element 106mm lens that is capable of focusing as close as 2' away, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. All models feature a close-up adapter or an electric infrared automatic focus. The shutter speed spans a range between 1/3-1/200th second with a wide aperture range of f/14-f/42 to ensure capturing the image you want in a variety of lighting situations. This refurbished model is fitted with a new Film Shield from Polaroid Originals, which ensures consistent and accurate developing after each shot by shielding the film from light when it is expelled from the camera.

Compatible with 600 Type film.