Ricoh FF-3 Af Super w/ 35mm 3.2

This Ricoh is a handy point and shoot camera with a wonderful 35mm lens to capture a variety of subjects. This camera has been tested and in working condition. Below are a few specs that this camera is capable of. 

Build material; mostly plastic body.

Weight; camera with batteries, 12.8oz (364g).

Dimensions; Size is 5.2″ (132mm) wide, 2.7″ (69mm) high, and 1.85″ (47mm) deep.

Focal length; 35mm.

Aperture; F/3.2-16, not user adjustable.

Focusing; auto focus, 3.3′ (1m) to infinity.  Half press to lock AF.  Manual states the AF uses eight different focusing zones to ‘insure maximum sharpness.’

Lens; Rikenon 35mm F/3.2 multi-coated glass five elements in five groups design.  Angle of view 63°  Online information directly from Ricoh says the lens design is five elements in four groups, but the owner’s manual says 5/5.

Shutter and speed; 1/6s to 1/500s but not user adjustable.  No cable release option.

Distortion; complex wave type; but only noticeable when straight lines are near the edges.  See image below.

Color fringing; none noticeable.

Double exposure prevention; yes, but cannot be over-ridden.

Features; 10 second timer, flash on-off settings, adjustable ASA/ISO so this is also an exposure compensation dial.

Film; all 135 film cartridges, B&H, Amazon, eBay.

Flash.  built-in, distance coupled flash exposure control, GN 12m at ISO 100, 7 second recharge time with fresh lithium batteries.

Power; 2 AA batteries for main power, and a CR2025 for the data back.  AA battery check function.

Viewfinder; albada type bright frame; 0.46x magnification with a field of view of 84%.  field of view frame with parallax correction marks; auto focus frame, focus zone marks, and camera shake warning signal.  Red focus indicators are: head and shoulders symbol, from 3.3′ to 6′ (1-2m), two persons symbol from 4.5-19′ (1.5-5m), and the mountain range symbol for distances of 8′ to ∞ (2.5-∞).  There is overlap between symbols, so you may get a different symbol for subjects that are the same distance away.