Vivitar PN2011

The Vivitar PN2011 is a 35mm fixed-focus panoramic camera marketed by Vivitar. The low-quality, plastic camera has a 28mm fixed-focus lens, fixed shutter speed of 1/125 and aperture of f8. It is generally considered to be a toy camera.

The camera's panoramic mode crops the 35mm frame to a panoramic aspect. This mode is optional, and there is a switch on top of the camera for normal or panoramic mode. It is not considered a true panoramic camera by some since the resulting frame is merely cropped vertically but is not any larger horizontally than a conventional 35mm frame.

This camera remains very popular because it's inexpensive, needs no batteries, and is easy to disassemble and modify. Common modifications include conversion to a pinhole camera, adding bulb mode, adding multiple exposure capabilities, and reversing the built-in lens to get fisheye-like results. Other methods of fisheye conversion include replacing the lens with a door "peep hole" security lens, or adapting wide angle lenses made for cell phone cameras.